Sunday, March 28, 2010


My decision to start blogging was brought about by my sister who started a blog a couple of months ago, She is a very impressive writer and as her little brother (well, we won't go in to the size thing). I'm sure she would rather I call my self her YOUNGER brother! Anyhoo, we once fought like cats and dogs, (although some cats and dogs do get along), our younger years had their share of squables. Now that we are mature, (not old), we have a wonderful relationship and the little tifts we had as kids seems very funny at this point. She moved from a warm climate to a cold one and I'm sure that wasn't to discourage me from visiting, (just kidding D). I plan on blogging about the everyday situations that I find myself and family in as well as how past trials and tribulations have shaped my life. I'm hoping people can relate to some of the things that I write about and look forward to sharing my experiences and dreams with others. I am a farm boy at heart and the way I view life probably reflects that. Here's to you sis, thanks for the inspiration! Love you, C


  1. once a farmboy, alway a sheep lover (baaaad boy)

  2. Hi uncle Charlie! You can find my blog at

    Glad to see you're going to be setting the record straight.....

  3. Hello Uncle Charlie! I don't have a blog. I have a life instead. But, I will follow yours, as I do my mom's and sister's. Looking forward to getting to know you on a WHOLE different level!
    ~Love, Tara